Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce: 7 Ways it Can Grow your Business Faster

Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce: 7 Ways it Can Grow your Business Faster

The key to success in ecommerce has always been the same: traffic, conversions, sales and repeat sales. In today’s hypercompetitive world, you need more than willpower to succeed in ecommerce. No matter what you sell, other people are selling the same thing. You can’t just use mass marketing to reach out to your target buyers. You need to develop a strategic approach to marketing that enables you to generate and convert leads while reducing your costs of acquisition. Your e-commerce store must adopt a marketing strategy that enables you to sell more and more to the right customers. Trigger marketing is one of the marketing methods that is making waves in the ecommerce world. The results of trigger marketing as compared with other forms of marketing such as mass campaigns have been breathtaking. Marketing experts are now beginning to find the Golden Key to unlock remarkable results in business.

What’s Trigger Marketing?

Trigger marketing is a highly targeted automated campaign, based on customer activity. It bases marketing technique on tracking, studying and analyzing customer behavior. After that, creating automated triggers that cause the customer to take further actions to make a sale happen.
Trigger marketing focuses on events.
For instance, a potential customer clicks on a link from Google and visits your website. He wants to buy a pair of shoes for work. He browses through a host of shoes on your websites. Stays idle on the site for some time and then finds what he wants. He gets excited and clicks, “Add to Cart!” Immediately, his phone rang. After attending to the call, he leaves the cart without closing the sale and making the purchase. What just happened?
Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce
Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce
Your online store had traffic, visitor, lead and potential buyer. The metrics show that people like what you are selling. However, the cash couldn’t come through. How do you make the customer return to the cart, make the purchase and close the sale? That’s where trigger marketing comes to play. What if you set up a trigger campaign that captures customer emails and sends automated emails to remind them of the abandoned cart when they venture away from it? This is will not only let the potential customer make the buying decision, but very excited that the ecommerce store thinks about him. He might say: “They have even reminded me of the shoe I wanted to buy the last time!”
A trigger-based campaign helps to close the sale and build an exciting customer experience.

Benefits of Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce

A recent Forrester Research has revealed that trigger marking can increase your revenue by four times and grow profits by eighteen times the initial investment.
This seems to be astonishing and striking when you look at the conventional marketing results of most businesses. But it’s real! The question is how does it work?
Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce: How Does it Work?
Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce: How Does it Work?
Well, trigger marketing focuses on gathering important facts about the needs, wants and pain points of the target customer. It seeks to understand the buying behavior of the customer, browsing trends, mobile devices and other key details. It is first about gaining a deeper understanding of the target customer so you can target advertisements to the right person, at the right time, on the right devices to get better results. As a result, the ad performs ten times other generic marketing mediums. Here are some benefits of trigger marketing for ecommerce:

1. Stay relevant to the target customer

The problem with most marketing campaigns is that they are not relevant to the target customer. Many businesses forget that each individual has unique needs and preferences. They don’t personalize their campaigns to apply to the consumer. Therefore, they get below average results. Trigger marketing helps to create campaigns relevant to the target customer and generate a high ROI.

2. It builds trust with the target customer

Build Trust with Customers: Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce
Build Trust with Customers: Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce
In ecommerce, trust is everything. People buy from people they like and trust. When they trust you, they buy from you. How do you gain trust from target customers so they buy from you? You focus on understanding them in a deeply personal way and then send them insights, tips, offers, deals and promos that are very helpful to them.

3. Become effective and efficient in marketing

The game of marketing is to spend less to get more customers.
Become Effective: Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce: How Does it Work?
Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce: How Does it Work?
Then, you get repeat sales from one customer to the level where the initial cost is almost negligible, comparable to what you spent to get the client. Trigger marketing helps to leverage automation to improve campaign results. Instead of a manual, boring system, you leverage digital tools to streamline and get results faster.

4. Become highly competitive in your field

What are you going to differ from other ecommerce stores in your industry? How does your marketing systems different you from the masses? According to MarketingChartz, only 19% out of 1000 ecommerce stores use trigger email campaigns to reduce cart abandonment and increase revenue. This segment is always the leaders in their field. Are you part of them?

5. Increase customer engagement through the buying cycle

Marketers understand that every customer has a unique buying method that fits into a general profile. To ensure that the potential customer goes through the buying cycle for a purchase successful, trigger campaigns would have to keep customers engaged when they fall out.
Stay Relevant to the Customer: Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce
Stay Relevant to the Customer: Trigger Marketing for Ecommerce
Good trigger-based marketing campaigns analyzes the buying process and then create triggers to engage and cause customers to make the order.

6. Increase revenue and profits

What pays the bills is not traffic. You can use Google and Facebook Ads to drive a ton of traffic to your online store. But if the sales don’t come through, you will run out of business. Trigger marketing helps you to optimize your traffic to maximize your advertising dollars. It helps you to get visitors to buy when they come to your online store. This helps to generate profits and sales.

7. Increase Brand Awareness

Image result for brand awareness"
Increase Brand Awareness: Tigger Marketing for Ecommerce
Your brand is your online reputation. The stronger your brand, the easier it gets the sales. But building a stellar brand is not an easy task. If you will build a meaningful brand, then you have to develop a long-term relationship with clients. With trigger marketing, you collect important customer data that allows you to automate campaigns that will amplify your brand and build a strong relationship with the customers. Looking to use trigger marketing to grow your e-commerce store? Schedule a free consulting session to analyse your business and develop a strategic plan to boost sales and move to the next level.  
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